Kayaking tours near Key West, FL in sunny Sugarloaf Key
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Key West things to do, go on a kayak tour with us. Close to Key West in sunny Sugarloaf Key, FL
Florida Keys kayak tours clost to Key West in Sugarloaf Key Kayaking tour prices, come on a kayak tour in the backcountry waters off Sugarloaf Key, FL Experience kayak tours with Capt. Andrea Paulson out of Sugarloaf Key, FL Contact us to go kayaking in the Florida Keys Keys kayak tours, Lower Florida Keys, Key West, Sugarlaof Key Florida

Key West Kayak Excursions

What's Included?   Rates
• Sunscreen • Beach Chairs
• Kayak Rental • Towels
• Private tour guide
• Cooler with ice and bottled water
• Boat transportation to pristine backcountry
   just outside Sugarloaf
All inclusive trip for up to three people $255
All inclusive trip for four to six people $85/person
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Backcountry Kayak Tours


Backcountry Boat Tours

Sugarloaf Key kayaking eco tours
You will be on a 25 foot boat with the kayaks on board the boat. We anchor the boat, put the kayaks in the water then kayak around remote mangrove islands and beaches. You can swim in the shallow warm water flats, have lunch or just REELAX!
  • Kayak tours run for about 4 hours or so, but are flexible to what the group wants to do.
  • Captain Andrea will guide you through the mangroves and point out the wildlife to you.
  • Enjoy the day on the most pristine water in the keys.
boat and dog on the water
Reelax Charters Sandbar Tours
Not into the kayaking? Enjoy the day sightseeing, viewing bird life, sea life and remote mangroves.
  • Swim in the pristine blue waters of the Gulf.
  • Have lunch on board the boat, plenty of room and storage for up to six people.
  • Enjoy the warm tropical air and sunshine.
  • Reelax
  • We are pet friendly so bring the dogs out for the day! Water bowls provided.


kayaks in the water

Florida Keys kayak tours from Sugarloaf Marina on Sugarloaf Key. Backcountry kayaking excursions
close to Key West, FL in sunny Sugarloaf Key. Join us for a relaxing day on the water.
Kayak tours through mangrove islands and across pristine sand flats - view birds and marine life

Captain Andrea Paulson - Reelax Kayaking Charters, Sugarloaf Key
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